At a funeral and memorial service, a dove release is a very special and peaceful way of showing respect to your departed loved one and to help say a final goodbye. A Dove release will bring family, friends and loved ones closer on that day.

The releasing of doves offers a feeling of peace and serenity to the family members at the end of a graveside or cremation service, there are few things more powerful than the White Dove release. Dove releases can make a departure of a loved one both special and individual.

The releasing of white doves at funerals and memorials is quickly becoming a popular way of adding that special touch to your loved ones memorial or funeral service.

In addition to flowers, a White Dove release for a funeral or memorial is one of the most loving and inspirational gifts to give to a loved one.

A Graveside White Dove Release can bring peace and healing in the grieving process for the lost loved one. By releasing a single white dove at the graveside service, you are symbolically releasing their spirit. 

Funeral Release Services.

Doves are released by either the handler or by a person of your choosing, directly out of our unique decorated release Baskets or Heart.

We organise the placement and handling of all the doves ourselves, together with you or the funeral director, so there is absolutely nothing for you to worry about at the ceremony. A Dove Flight Attendant will be present with the doves at all times.

The releasing of a white dove helps to begin the grieving process by opening the doors to "letting go" and is sure to live on in the memories of all attending the service.
The trained white birds will soar into the sky, usually circling any number of times in a group before returning to their home lofts.

Conditions of releases.

The Doves cannot be released in extreme weather conditions eg; storms, heavy rain or high winds. 

White Doves R Us has the right to determine the weather conditions on the day, if the doves are not released there will be a small charge involved if we are already at the site.

More and more families are discovering the sense of comfort and peace that a white dove release brings to the family members and friends at the end of a loved one's funeral or memorial service.


Our Funeral Packages

Solitary Dove Release

One dove waits quietly in a basket until the graveside service is concluded. The basket may simply be opened or the dove may be handed to a loved one who either just opens the lid and lets the dove fly up into the sky, or they may hold and release the dove from their hands. This is a very personal release.

Classic Memorial Display and Release

One dove is on display at the graveside in a beautiful cage decorated with flowers. At just the right moment, the dove is released to fly up and away. It may also be handed to the widow or a family member to release from their hands.

White Dove Trinity Release

Four doves are on display at graveside during the service in four exquisite ornamental cages decorated with flowers. Three doves are released first, representing the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Then the last dove, representing the departed person, rises free to join the three. All four doves then fly together high into the heavens. If a flock is then released, it can be seen as an accompaniment of “Angels” as an escort.

Flock of Angels

A basket of 3 to 12 doves is opened and a flies high into the blue sky. These doves are like a Flock of Angels to guide the spirit of a loved one home.

A Dove Salute

A flock of doves is released in a spectacular “Dove Salute" from a basket decorated with colours and/or flowers. The doves exit their basket and rise high into the sky where they join into a flock and then fly away. This is perfect for veteran’s celebrations or memorials.

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